Spend on groceries, save on fuel

Wisconsin, ready to save some cheddar? Now Fresh Perks shoppers get perks at the pump, too. And if you already have a card it’s rewards-ready, so you can start saving today.

You’ll earn 10¢ off per gallon for every $100 you spend at Pick ‘n Save, Copps or Metro Market. And don’t worry if you haven’t spent that, you’ll still get 3¢ off per gallon just for being a Fresh Perks cardholder.*

Plus, you can let your earnings build up to save even more on a fill-up down the road.*

Don’t have a Fresh Perks card?

Saving is as easy as pie, instant oatmeal, frozen pizza...

To redeem your Fresh Perks Fuel Points at the pump:

Insert your Fresh Perks card or press "Cancel" to enter your phone number

Select "Yes" to redeem your points

Swipe your credit card to begin fueling

Start saving today

Sign up online, or at your local Pick ‘n Save, Copps or Metro Market to get a Fresh Perks card and all the great things that come along with it. Already have a card? If so, you’re good to go.

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