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Bp Driver’s Guide

Make Your Driving Dollars Go Farther

Daily commutes. Road trips. Errands around town. As the amount of time we spend in our cars adds up, so does the cost of driving. Fortunately, the following tips can help put the brakes on unnecessary spending.

“Put the brakes on unnecessary spending.”


Take the pedal off the metal. When we drive over 50 mph, our gas mileage tends to rapidly decrease. Keep in mind that when we're burning rubber, we're also burning fuel.


Lighten up. In your vehicle, every extra hundred pounds can reduce fuel efficiency by up to 2%.* Help your car lose some weight by clearing out excess cargo.


Idle cars are inefficient. How much fuel can an idling engine consume? Up to half a gallon per hour. If you're not going anywhere anyway, it's a good call to turn off your engine.


Drive on air. When you keep your tires properly inflated to the pressure recommended in your owner's manual, you can increase your gas mileage by up to 3.3%.*


Go cruising. The rapid acceleration and perpetual braking of aggressive driving is an inefficient use of gas. To help save fuel, use the cruise control on long stretches of highway when it's safe to do so.

So give these helpful tips a try. You'll soon find that saving gas and saving money tends to make every journey more pleasant.