Empty Tank Tips

If you are one of the few that have yet to experience being on the wrong side of the fuel gauge, consider yourself lucky and now, warned.

What to do when your car is close to empty:

  • Get into the right lane in case you need to pull over quickly.
  • Slow down and turn off gas-eaters like AC. If you have to drive 10 or more miles under the speed limit, put them hazards on.
  • Find out where the nearest station is on our station finder mybpstation.com or with apps like GasBuddy.
  • No data service? Try AAA or 411 to get help finding the closet pumps.
  • Ease off the gas and coast when you can.

What to do when your car starts gasping for fuel:

  • Keep in mind, if your engine stalls you can lose power steering and braking ability, so quickly and safely pull over to the shoulder. Make sure you are fully off the road and out of harms way.
  • Put your hazard lights on and if you have any of those triangle reflectors handy use them to warn traffic.
  • Call AAA or use a gas-delivery app like Honk to have it delivered directly to you.
  • Get a ride. Call that friend who owes you a favor or order a Lyft or Uber to pick you up and take you to the nearest gas station.

With all that said, how about a fill up today? I’m sure you’ll pass a BP on your way home.

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